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OK. So. It's a flash quiz. You can switch the learning symbols and the answers. Romaji-Kana. Try it out, it's fun!
Japanese language | Переходов: 331 | Добавил: DjAnubis | Дата: 11 Января 2011

A funny site to learn the language. Stroke order flash present. All for free.
Japanese language | Переходов: 525 | Добавил: DarthNihilus | Дата: 10 Ноября 2010

Another way to learn Japanese language. A bunch of subscribing.
Japanese language | Переходов: 349 | Добавил: DjAnubis | Дата: 10 Ноября 2010

Here you can subscribe for the e-newsletter Hiragana Times. It comes in dual language
English-Japanese. Kanji is written with furigana, so after you mastered Hiragana this is a MUST
HAVE. You can print it out and keep practicing reading kana.
When a good friend of mine recommended me this, I said "Oh, it will be so much fun to read and not understand what I read".
^o^. But you really should practice reading Kana. Then comes the vocabulary.

P.S. I have some old issues, if you want them and CANN'T buy them, leave your mail or IM ID, I will upload it somewhere.
Japanese language | Переходов: 768 | Добавил: DarthNihilus | Дата: 10 Ноября 2010

An interesting site with a some sort of kiddish design, which makes it fun to study.
Japanese language | Переходов: 303 | Добавил: DjAnubis | Дата: 10 Ноября 2010

A collection of articles on Japanese language. Though you must know russian to read 'em ^^
Japanese language | Переходов: 293 | Добавил: DarthNihilus | Дата: 10 Ноября 2010

A very cool site for easy learning of Kana's & Kanji. Stroke order video, lessons, vocabulary quizez.
The most coolest part is Hiragana & Katakana Drag'n'Drop quiz. Be sure to check it out!
Japanese language | Переходов: 368 | Добавил: DarthNihilus | Дата: 10 Ноября 2010

Site connected with Tofugu. Here you can find actual lessons and all. Additional content for subscribers [a.k.a. $$$].
Japanese language | Переходов: 299 | Добавил: DjAnubis | Дата: 10 Ноября 2010

A decent site for those who want to learn Japanese in nontraditional [a.k.a. "easier"] way.
Japanese language | Переходов: 393 | Добавил: DjAnubis | Дата: 10 Ноября 2010

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