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Rick's Spore Stuff [Mod Creation Tools]
[ Download from this server (233.7 Kb) ] 05 Октября 2011, 14:59
.Package Viewer
The .Package Viewer is the only tool to have a VGUI. This tool is short and sweet, you can open up any Spore .package file and extract the entire package file's contents into a folder (No single .prop selection as of yet). Simply open the .Package you wish to edit, and then extract it via File->Save All.

Prop to XML Tool
This tool either needs to be run from the command prompt, or by dragging a desired prop file onto it in Explorer. I recommend the latter. The tool will create an XML file in the same directory as the .prop file you dragged.

XML to Prop Tool
The same principals apply, you can run it from the Command Prompt or drag a desired XML file onto it in explorer. From there it'll convert the XML into a .propnew. Rename this to .prop before creating your mod's .package.

.Package Creator
This tool can only be run from the Command Prompt. It takes two arguments. The first argument is the name and location you want your mod's .package to be, and the second is the path to the files.xml for your mod. (Explained Below)

Example usage:
Gibbed.Spore.PackageMaker mymod.package files.xml

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what this "files.xml" is. When you extract a .packfile in Package Viewer it creates a files.xml, which contains every single file in the .package. Edit this to only include the files you're including in your mod, and then path to it with Package Maker.

How should I open .XML files?:
You can use just about any text editor, if you don't want to download anything simply use Notepad. I personally recommend Notepad++.

Mod Maker:
More coming soon. For now the tool should be self explanatory. This serves as an alternate .Package Maker.
Category: Spore + GA | Added by: DjAnubis
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